Using DNA Testing To Provide Further Clues About Your Roots And Ancestry

DNA tests allow our researchers to close certain unknown gaps of your Ancestry by adding additional information regarding both, the Genealogical and Genetic Family Trees of our clients.

The Genetic Tree is extremely useful for individuals who believe they possess Italian heritage, but are not 100% certain. A DNA test will confirm the individual’s ancestry, and more importantly provide a geographic location of the particular family line, and it’s migratory routes throughout the years. This information will provide a professional genealogist, such as those working with Celotto Genealogy Services, and the clients with a starting point for documenting their Italian Family Tree ancestry.

The Celotto Genealogy Services team is thrilled to announce our affiliation agreement with one of the best companies in the DNA testing field, MyHeritage DNA.

The companies listed above offer DNA kits, which are now included as part of our services, which provide our clients and visitors direct links for requesting a Genealogical Family Tree or a Genetic Family Tree from these service providers.

Each company has its unique strengths and one company may accordingly be more suited to your needs than another.

The Genealogical Family Tree Isn’t Always Enough

The Genealogical Family Tree is well known and has been studied for decades. It contains every ancestor who had a child, every parent, grand-parent and great-grandparent back through history. Usually this information is found and documented using BMD (birth, marriage and death) certificates, census records and so on, but sometimes the paper trail ends or becomes much more difficult to be researched beyond the 1800s or 1700s, making it almost impossible to fill in many of the open gaps in the Genealogical Family Tree.

The Genetic Family Tree

Thanks to companies like our affiliates below, DNA test kits have become more accessible, and a viable option for building a genetic family tree. The genetic family tree contains only the ancestors who contributed to your DNA. While this overlaps with your Genealogical Family Tree, not every person in a Genealogical Family Tree contributes a segment of his or her DNA sequence to the test-taker’s DNA sequence.

Example: A parent does not pass on all their DNA to their children, only about 50 percent. As a result, bits and pieces of DNA are lost in each generation.

Below are the most common DNA tests provided today:

  • Mitochondrial DNA – This type of test detects the DNA which gets passed along from mothers to their children with very little change, which makes it perfect to trace your direct maternal line for many generations.
  • Y-Chromosome DNA – This type of test detects the DNA which gets passed along from fathers to their sons with very little change, so it can map out your direct paternal line for many generations, however but only males can take a Y-DNA test.
  • Autosomal DNA – This type of DNA gets passed on from all of your ancestors, both male and female, and gets mixed together with every generation.

MyHeritage DNA Testing

MyHeritage offers Autosomal tests to its customers.

“The places your ancestors called home are encoded in your DNA. Ethics groups historically come from the same geographic regions and draw from a local gene pool. We analyze your DNA to determine which portions are estimated to originate from each of our 42 supported ethnicities – the largest number offered by any major DNA testing service”.

With more than 98 million users worldwide, a database of more than 9.2 billion records, and more than 3.1 billion people in their family trees, MyHeritage has strong European roots, including the Italian Ancestry.

MyHeritage DNA Matching is a powerful feature which uses your DNA to help you find relatives. Their technology compares your DNA data with the data of others in their database, and identifies shared genetic sequences to indicate a possible family relationship. The higher the percentage of DNA that you have in common with another person, the closer your likely related.

When you test your DNA with MyHeritage, you are eligible to receive DNA matches to others who have tested with MyHeritage, as well as those who have tested with the various other services they receive data from.

They also allow users of all major testing providers to upload their DNA results to their database for FREE, widening your matching pool and making it possible for you to meet even more new relatives.

Affiliate Disclosure

Some of the ads and links on this page are affiliate links, which pay us, Celotto Genealogy Services, a commission if you complete a purchase through the links. The cost is the same, or in many cases cheaper for you. These companies include MyHeritage.

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