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Procedures to Legalize Brazilian Documents for an Italian Citizenship Application

For Brazilian official documents to be recognized, and accepted as part of an Italian Citizenship Application, they must first be legalized.

Documents submitted for legalization must be:

  • Originals or duplicate copies (certified copies shall not be accepted) of the issuing or recognizing authority
  • Recent (dispatched no more than 6 months ago)
  • Complete documents in their entirety

The Legalization Process

1. Each Italian Consulate has a different procedure, where some require Brazilian documents have a Public Signature recognized by the Notary Public, and to be legalized by Itamarati. 

2. The Consular Legalization must be completed after the documents are legalized by Itamarati.

Rectification and Judicial Corrections

Generally, rectification of minor spelling errors in the names and surnames in documents from the Brazilian civil registry is not required.. 

Scheduling With The Italian Consulate

Scheduling a time with the Italian Consulate is required. For our clients in the process of applying for Italian Citizenship, we make consular scheduling for legalization of document, as well as handle scheduling to have an Italian passport ordered.

A.I.R.E. Registration Update.  

All Italian citizens, regardless of place of birth, residing or intending to reside outside of Italy are obliged to register in A.I.R.E., the Registry of Italians living abroad.

As an applicant for Italian Citizenship while living abroad, this should be submitted as part of your application.

Finalizing Italian Citizenship Application Requirements

With legal certificates in hand for review, and an outline of the applicant’s family tree attached, we give our clients a full breakdown on:

  • If there are any missing certificates
  • If any documents need to be corrected/rectified, and the locations of the corrections
  • What else is required from the applicant, and our professional opinion on the status of the application
  • Estimated time and budget for the remaining process and its completion

At this stage, the services consist of the preparation of documents, which after fully finalized, allows us to prepare the application for the recognition of Italian Dual Citizenship.

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