New Affiliations With Living DNA and FindMyPast

Celotto Genealogy Services is pleased to announce our latest affiliations with LIVING DNA, and FindMyPast. Living DNA offers Personal DNA services designed to help people to discover and understand more about their individual and family genetic heritage. They claim their DNA test is one of the most sophisticated and safe tests on the market today.

LIVING DNA offers in only one DNA test which provides three different types of analysis: the Autosomal study (which includes 50% of the Mother’s DNA and 50 % of the Father’s DNA), the Y Chromosome study (which includes genetic information only on the Father’s DNA) and the X Chromosome study (which includes genetic information only on the Mother’s DNA). These studies provide extremely detailed results of each individual’s genetic makeup. Due to this more detailed analysis, the test is usually a bit more expensive when compared to other companies in the same field but you also receive additional genetic information.

They are the first company in the world to offer a DNA test that study the geographic locations of each ancestor on the genetic tree line. As such, it provides British descendants from any of the 21 regions of the United Kingdom the opportunity to discover their worldwide ancestry throughout history.

They also divide people’s ancestry into 80 different population groups, Italy included amongst other regions of the world. LIVING DNA has partnered with FindMyPast, whose primary purpose is to enable professional historians and professional genealogists to focus on British and Irish genealogical and genetic studies.

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