New Affiliation with PULSE REALTY – International English, Portuguese, Spanish & Italian Speaking Real Estate Services

I am pleased to announce that Celotto Genealogy Services has a new affiliation with PULSE REALTY based in Toronto, Canada. Pulse Realty is a dynamic group of multilingual Real Estate Agents that are specialized in dealing with clients who speaks Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and English.

As the CEO of Celotto Genealogy Services, over the years many of my Genealogy clients have asked for additional help and assistance in finding rentals and or buying a property in Canada, Brazil, Italy and South America. Now with our partnership with the Pulse Realty Team, they will be able to further assist my Genealogy clients in another aspect of their immigration process as they choose their new homes in Canada and abroad.

Under the leadership of Justin Wright, a Real Estate Agent working with the Broker of Record Vivian Risi (Broker) both from Royal LePage, their services and expertise are now available to you. If you are either looking for a rental and or to buy a new property, now you can relax, because you will be able to speak your native language throughout this entire process and be certain that Justin and his team will always have your family’s best interest and needs at heart.

Please feel free to contact me at Andre@CelottoGenealogyServices (dot) com, or Justin at justin@pulserealty (dot) ca

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