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We are aware of your struggle for recognition of the right to Dual Citizenship, which involves time and money. Therefore, we provide personalized and differentiated service, dealing case by case from beginning to end of the process, with honesty, seriousness and the quality of over 15 years of experience in the field of Dual Citizenship and Genealogical Research.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I know if I am entitled to Italian Citizenship?

The first step is to find out who your Italian Ascendant is, that is, who from your Family came from Italy to Brazil. Having discovered Italian (which we commonly call “Antenato Italiano”), you will need to identify all other descendants; that is, find the Son of the Italian, the Son of the Son of the Italian, and so on, until they come to you. That done, if all the identified people are men, no problem! Italian nationality has been passed on to all generations as long as no one has given up. If you have a Woman on the line, check her Child's Birth Date: if after 01.01.1948, Citizenship has been Passed on to the next Generations; If he / she was born before 01.01.1948 you are in a situation we call the "Mother Line", where recognition of Citizenship can only be done through the Judicial Way.

Are there Generational limits for the recognition of Italian Citizenship?

No. Italian law makes no restrictions on the number of generations. Thus, all Descendants of Italian (the Son, Grandson, Great-grandson, Trisneto and so on) are entitled to Italian Citizenship. This is part of one of the myths about Italian Citizenship.

Can my son recognize his Italian Citizenship without my having done mine?

Yes. The law makes no requirement to that effect. This way, your Son can apply for recognition of Italian Citizenship independently of the other members of the Upline.

What does “Mother Line” mean?

This is the case where there is a Woman on the Descendant Line, and this Woman's Child was born before 01.01.1948. Italian law, until 1948, did not provide for the Transmission of Nationality by Women. Only with the 1948 Constitution did the rights between men and women be equated, and from then on the Italian woman passed on the nationality to her children. Thus, for those born of an Italian Mother and a foreign Father before 1948, it is not possible to recognize Italian Citizenship through the Administrative Way (Consulates or Comuni). Some descendants have filed lawsuits in Italian justice, seeking recognition. We know some success stories!

My grandfather was Italian and naturalized Brazilian after my father's birth. Do I still have the Right to Citizenship?

Yes. The transmission occurs at the moment of birth. Thus, when his Father was born, his Grandfather had not yet Naturalized Brazilian. Nationality has been passed on to all subsequent generations.

What information could I get with the Genealogical Research?

The objective of the research will be obtaining the given and surname names of all direct ancestors to the level of research requested, such as Birth, Baptism, Marriage registers, Testaments, Notarial, Military, Probate and Wills records, As well as the identification of dates, locations, professions, positions when available.


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