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Italian Document Legalization, Analysis and Assembly for Italian Citizenship Applications

We assist with the legalization of documents, analysis and assembly of the process for the recognition of your Dual Italian Citizenship, as well as document rectification, translation, in case you are requested by the Italian Consulate to submit the documentation, or want to enter and develop the process directly in Italy.

At this stage, the services consist of the preparation of documents, which after fully finalized, allows us to prepare the application for the recognition of Italian Dual Citizenship.

Document Review

After completing the Process of Gathering the Certificates, we first make a thorough review of the certificates, first if the listing of the required certificates is complete or if any certificates are missing, and then check whether the data contained in the certificates is correct and all matching between them. Since sometimes there are spelling mistakes in names or dates, we have to ensure they are documented and corrected.

Sworn Translation of Documents

The translations from Portuguese, or English into Italian and vice versa are arranged and completed by a sworn translator accredited by the Board of Trade and Civil records of Naturalization, Birth, Baptism, Marriage, Military and Negative-Positive Certificates.

Legalization of Documents

Consular legalization of Brazilian or international documents is essential for those wishing to apply for recognition of direct Italian Citizenship in Italy, as all official documents issued in Brazil and other foreign countries to be legally valid in Italy must be consular legalized.

In short form, if Brazilian or other international documents have not been legalized, they are not valid in Italy.

Legalizations are made at the Italian Consulate in Brazil or your home country, in the locality of its jurisdiction. They cannot be made in Italy.

The consular document legalization service requires appointment scheduling which is very difficult to get a seat. It often takes months for this process to be completed.

These services are carried out for various fees, the value of which depends on the complexity of each case and the expenses incurred with providing the services, such as printing, mailing, correcting errors, etc.

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