How To Build A Genealogical Family Tree

Many people are not sure how important a Family Tree can be, and how genealogy plays a key role in building one.

A Family Tree is an instrument which helps countless people who are in the process of researching documents for Italian Citizenship, a key service provide, which is why we decided to dedicate a post to teach you how to make your own Family Tree.

How Do Family Trees and Genealogy Tie Together?

Genealogy is a science that aims to study the origin of a person or a Family. In simple and clear Portuguese, it is the “Historia da Familia”.

The Family Tree, on the other hand, is the most widely used and easily understood way to organize the data collected from Family Members.

The chart got its name because it resembles the branches of the trees.

Now that you know what a Family Tree is, you can imagine why it is such a good tool to help research your ancestors, organize data, and locate the Italian Documents of your Ancestors.

How To Build A Family Tree

Step 1: Type the names of the people you want to include in your Family Tree.

You can do this using your computer, or for starters, paper and pen works. Start with yourself and work your way along with the information you know.

Before your name, put your father and mother, your siblings by your side and if you have children, put them below you.

Make sure you haven’t forgotten anyone. Add your Great-Grandparents, Uncles, Cousins ​​and Nephews, don’t leave anyone out.

If you don’t know someone’s correct name, leave their placeholder there, so you know the data you need to search.

For your tree not to get too big, define which lineage you need to work. If your Italian Ancestor is a member of your Maternal Family, you do not need to insert the Paternal Family in your tree.

Step 2: Define the information you want to put on the Family Tree

The family Tree is the story of your Family, but for those looking for Italian Citizenship it will also serve as a checklist for missing information.

Therefore, at this point you need to define what is the key information to use in your document search for Italian Citizenship. We suggest some, but you can add others, or even add photos.

  • Full name and spelled correctly
  • Date of Birth and Location
  • Date of Marriage and Location (when available)
  • Date of Death and Location (if any)

Step 3: Search for ancestor Information

At this stage patience is often required to find the right information. Talk to older relatives and open the Historical chests that every Family has.

In addition to this information you need, you will surely find good stories from your Family Members.

It is also worth using the help of the internet. Remember to check below the list of online tools provided to you.

There are some sites that help you build your family tree diagram very easily and for free.

  1. FindMyPast
  2. MyHeritage: Create your family tree It’s FREE and EASY!
  3. Geneanet
  4. Genoom
  5. Geni
  6. Ancesty

Step 4: Complete your family tree

Now that you’ve completed researching and have all the information you were looking, your family tree is complete!

If you run into any troubles building out your family tree yourself, get in touch with one of our professional genealogists to help break down the wall you’re stuck at.

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