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Fast Track Your Italian Citizenship Application

Approval times vary depending on where you submit your completed Italian Citizenship application.

If you submit your application from Brazil, expect a 12 year processing time! From Canada, about 1 year, or from Italian soil, 60 days or less!

Often during the process of our professional genealogists researching for and preparing an Italian Citizenship application they will recommend a trip to Italy to submit the application there at the commune of their last recorded Italian ancestor, all under the guidance of one of our resident advisors.

Our Italian resident advisors will assist you with the steps that have been taken in the Italian process. We offer complete advice from start to finish. You will be with us from arrival at the airport to the end of the process.

You can choose to stay in Italy throughout the process, or stay only as long as necessary to complete the steps that depend on your presence in Italy.

After this initial period, you may already return to Brazil or whatever country you have been living in, and wait for the Italian Citizenship application to be approved and complete.

Our staff will review the documentation before our clients travel, and will ensure a positive outcome with the local Commune.

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