Documents Required For An Italian Citizenship Application

In order to set up the process of recognizing Italian Citizenship, the applicant must prove by means of Official Documentation that he has Italian Descent in his Family Tree or that he has an Italian Ancestor (s) who transfer the right to Dual Citizenship ( not just Italian, but all) to you.

The documents that need to be collected belong only to the persons who transmit the Italian Surname and thus the right to Italian Citizenship to the applicant. It is not necessary to present the Certificates of Spouses (Wives and Husbands).

Basically the documentation required for the Italian Citizenship recognition process Jus Sanguinis consists of up-to-date Civil Registration Certificates (maximum 1 year from date of issue on the day the documentation is presented to the Italian Consulate) and in the required form plus Negative or Positive Certificate of Naturalization, from the Italian Ancestor (the one who was born in Italy and left the country to live in Brazil) to the applicant, all documents.

As an example, suppose the applicant’s closest Italian Ancestor is his Great-Great-Grandfather. Then the documents the applicant will need to prove his right to Italian Citizenship are:

For the Great-Great-Grandfather:

Birth Certificate, “Nascita”, “Battesimo” or “Estratto dell’atto di nascita” in Italy, Italian Language document issued by the Comune Italiano, the Civil Authority of the city where the Birth took place.

Negative or Positive Naturalization Certificate only for him, known as CNN, document issued by the Ministry of Justice.

Marriage Certificate or “Estratto dell’atto di Matrimonio” in Italy (if you have been married), document issued by the Italian Commune.

Full format Death Certificate Content: Found in Brazil or in the country where you died.

For the Great-Grandfather, the Grandfather and the Father or the Mother, that is, for each person who transmits Italian descent to the Child from the Italian Ancestor to the Parents of the Brazilian Descendant who is a candidate for Citizenship, the applicant will need:

  • Full Format Birth Certificate.
  • Full-Form Marriage Certificate Content (if you have been or are Married).
  • Death Certificate Full Form Content (if deceased).

For the applicant for Italian citizenship and for their minor children:

  • Full format Birth Certificate.
  • Applicant’s Marriage Certificate Full Content (if Married).

Note: If it appears that the Ascendant has Naturalized, this will not prejudice the Right to Citizenship provided that Naturalization occurred after the Birth of Children.

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